Organizing the Air

Okay, we are not really organizing it, but we're trying to make the information more easily available in this website.

A frequency plan, bandplan, band plan or wavelength plan is a plan for using a particular band of radio frequencies, that are a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Each frequency plan defines the frequency range to be included, how channels are to be defined, and what will be carried on those channels.

So, a Band Plan tells how different parts of the airwaves are to be used. For the shortwave listener, this can help to find where to listen. For the amateur radio operator, this tells what frequencies and "mode" can be used on different parts of the licensed spectrum.

U.S. Part 97 Amateur Radio

As an American Amateur Radio Operator Extra Class (K0OZK), my first object was to provide an interactive U.S. Part 97 Amateur Radio band plan. The data is pulled from Part 97 via their API and processed to enable this interactive app. (I hope to soon write about using their API. Watch for it in the Blog Pages.)

Coming Features

To the U.S. Amateur plan, I hope to soon add § 97.305 Authorized emission types and other information.

I began working on this website when looking at how Band Plans work in SDR (Software Defined Radio). In KN1E's SDR-Band-Plans software, Arrin Clark provides several international band plans. My first project was to create a file format converter between AirSpy's SDR# software and the SDR++ software. I plan on adding a converter to this site, and offer it to KN1E's project.